Friday, August 17, 2012

Make Your Own Name Tag!

I have had my students make their own name tags for the past few years. They choose from the resources provided and cut and paste them onto a piece of rectangular cardstock. I have them decorate a tab for their name, then laminate the tags. Students can glue resources onto the front and back of the name tag, as I have them attached to the desk with velcro. The students LOVE to have ability to decide what to put on their tags. I have pulled together a bunch of images that are helpful resources for students in grades 3-5. Included are multiplication charts, editing marks, parts of speech, fraction bars, motivational quotes, steps for problem solving, a map of the world, blank tags for names, and more! It's a great first week of school activity!

Please note that some of the images included were found through a google search and not all created by me.

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