Friday, October 4, 2013

Explorer Time!

I'm getting ready to start my study of North American Explorers again this year.  I always love this project, but it often takes a bit of review of continents and oceans first.  We've spent the past few weeks going over the continents and are just about ready to begin. 
This project begins with research on 5 explorers - Columbus, Cabot, Cartier, Hudson, and Cortes - focusing on the reasons for exploration and connection between land found and influence of the exploring country.  After the research is done, we begin a project where students work in groups to create an explorer news broadcast.  They write the script, add commercials, and film.  This year, I've decided to read a play with the class ahead of introducing the project in order to give them an idea of how to write the script.  I've also created a script template in hopes that it will clarify expectations.  Each year the students dive into the project and have a lot of fun creating their "news show."  At the end of the unit, I have students reflect on their participation and write a short summary of the explorer they presented on.  I have a very creative group this year, so I'm curious to see what they come up with!  Stay tuned for updates!
The project is available at my teacher store if you're interested!

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