Tuesday, July 24, 2012

A Rant and a Rave

I am certainly not one to complain, however, is it me or is it annoying that stores like Target and walgreens have school supply lists by grade level available to parents?  I spend a lot of time putting together a school supply list that A. meets the students’ needs and B. doesn’t cost parents an arm and a leg.  Sorry just had to vent a little!
    As I continue to “patiently” wait for my little one to arrive, I have had a chance to work on some school stuff.  Every year, my colleague and I put together a slide show for Back to School Night.  In the show, we talk about our policies and procedures, curriculum, and assessments.  Then we send home a copy of our Homework Policy, our Behavior Plan, our Bully Prevention Rules all individually to be reviewed, signed and returned.  Getting these slips back is like pulling teeth yet, we like the documentation of having them signed.  So, this year I decided a Grade 5 Handbook would cover all areas that need to be reviewed at home and the last page could simply state that it was read.  How easy!  If you are interested in seeing what our handbook looks like feel free to email me at organizedapples@gmail.com.  -Jill

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