Monday, July 16, 2012

Class Tour

Science Board- The Very Busy Scientist, look for unit on Simple Machines in Jill's teacher store coming soon.

Reading Board- Read, Read, what do You See?

Calendar Board- All in a Day, Classroom job signs, descriptions and Application for Employment will be found in Jill's teacher store with other back to school activities.

Homework Board- Without a Smart Board one has to get creative!  Electrical tape on a white board and there you have it!

LIT. Folders- I love, love, love these!  Take a regular pocket folder with prongs and a divider pocket with holes and attach.  Then label however you’d like.  Examples WIP- work in progress, done, fix and writing.  

Math Board- The Mixed Up Math Minds

Writing Board- The Very Hungry Writer, Use clothespins to keep track of things.  A great trick is to print the writing stages on cardstock and students move their clip as they move through the writing stages.  Also, have a purpose for writing poster with an arrow that moves with each purpose.

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